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From: Yasuhito Watanabe ^lt;riho-m@sfc.wide.ad.jp>
Date: Mon Feb 16 2004 - 03:09:02 EST

Dear members of the Geopriv wg,

It is the first mail that I sent to this wg mailing list.
We are also studying geographical location information
Thus, we introduce our "GLI system" that manages geographical
location information of mobile nodes on the internet.
In our system, scalability and privacy protection for managing
many mobile nodes were realized based on yet another concept.
Moreover, this system has been already designed and implemented,
used to actually manage many vehicles, and doing well.

Since the architecture of this system was written to the draft,
please read it for details and give comments as possible.


The draft of the specification of the GLI system will be out soon.


Yasuhito Watanabe

 Yasuhito Watanabe, Ph.D
 Keio Research Institute at SFC
 Tel: 0466-49-1394 Fax: 0466-49-1395

attached mail follows:

A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts directories.

        Title : The GLI system architecture
        Author(s) : Y. Watanabe
        Filename : draft-rihom-architecture-gli-00.txt
        Pages : 14
        Date : 2004-2-11
In this document, overview of the Geographical Location Information
(GLI) system is described that manages the latest geographical
location information of mobile nodes on the Internet. The system
manages nodes that consist of its identifiers and the geographical
location information in the Internet. Each node registers its
geographical location information to this system, and users can
look-up identifiers of nodes by specifying location as a key, and vice
versa. This system was designed with consideration of privacy
protection of mobile nodes and scalability.

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