[Geopriv] Re: Comments on draft-ietf-geopriv-coom-policy-00

From: Jonathan Rosenberg ^lt;jdrosen@dynamicsoft.com>
Date: Sun Feb 22 2004 - 01:40:04 EST

Some further thoughts inline:

hisham.khartabil@nokia.com wrote:

> - Section 7.1: It says the <domain> element contains a list of
> <except> elements. Looking at the schema and examples, the <except>
> element is not really contained by the <domain> element. The schema
> needs changing. This change will also cause less errors by using the
> schema to disallow the <except> element appearing with a <uri>
> element. I suggest:
> <domain> <domain-name>example.com</domain-name>
> <except>joe@example.com</except> </domain>
> You also need to state that the URI appearing in an <except> element
> must have a domain part that is the same as the domain in
> <domain-name>

You can actually enforce that with the schema, if you define it like this:


That is, the <except-user> element only contains a user part within the
specified domain. This way, you don't even need to do a check - there is
no way to specify exceptions outside of a domain.

> - Section 7.3 defines the validity. Who does the garbage collection
> when a rule has expired? Do they stay or the server for ever? cleaned
> by the client? by the server?

My understanding is that there is actually no garbage collection in the
normal sense; that is, the server would not remove the rule. If the
validity has expired, the rule would simply never match any requests. A
client would still need to clean it up. I think thats important. I dont
want the server to remove them, since the client may wish to
re-instantiate the rule for a different time period by just modifying
the validility element.

-Jonathan R.

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