[Geopriv] Re: Comments on the Civil-02 ID (on CA Types)

From: Henning Schulzrinne ^lt;hgs@cs.columbia.edu>
Date: Sat Jul 10 2004 - 22:13:11 EDT

James M. Polk wrote:

> In reviewing the pidf-lo-02 and the civil-02 IDs, I have discovered
> minor inconsistencies.

Thanks for raising these issues. See also my related LC comments.

> Specifically with the unnamed or labeled chart (which should be, BTW) on
> page 9 and 10 of civil-02 -- it is less complete than the chart in
> pidf-lo-02 ID recently submitted by Jon Peterson that's in IETF LC.
> pidf-lo-02 references "PC" for 'Postal Code' and "FLR" for 'Floor' in
> that ID's chart (on its page 6 and 7, that is also not labeled, which it
> should be for outside referencing to it).

Please note that the labels in the column 'NENA' refer to the NENA
02-010 data element labels. Neither FLR or PC are used there, as far as
I can tell. FLR is not defined there at all and PC is called ZIP. I've
added a separate column to the civil-02 table, labeled PIDF, to make the
correspondence explicit.

> I believe the two charts should be consistent to each other, with the
> civil-02 ID being the one that's less complete, it should have the
> appropriate text added.

They definitely should be. A separate, but related issue, is whether the
language information contained in the civil-02 draft should also appear

> cheers,
> James
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