[Geopriv] Draft update: 'A Document Format for Expressing Privacy Preferenc es for Location Information'

From: Tschofenig Hannes ^lt;hannes.tschofenig@siemens.com>
Date: Tue Jul 20 2004 - 07:08:01 EDT

hi all,

we have submitted an update to the 'A Document Format for Expressing
Privacy Preferences for Location Information' = Geopriv Policy draft. you
can find the drafts at:
(before they appear on the ietf archive)

we have incorporate a number of changes based on discussions on the mailing
list and at the last ietf meeting. you can find a diff between version -00
and -01 at:

we would like to point you to the following open issues:

- geospatial location

in section 6.2 geospatial location matching is described. currently the
description focuses on a trapezoid. a more general description based on a
polygon would be appropriate. this could also have an impact on the xml
schema if a closer alignment with the features provided by gml is desired.

- another example

section 9 currently only provides an example for civil location matching.
another example for geospatial location could be useful.

- possible modifications to the combining permissions algorithm

modifications to the combining permissions algorithm also need to be
reflected in this document.

- substitution groups

in a recent mail jonathan raised also some questions about the usage of
substitution groups. this issue would also impact the geopriv policy draft.


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