Re: [Geopriv] Draft Agenda for IETF 66

From: James M. Polk ^lt;>
Date: Thu Jun 29 2006 - 19:29:22 EDT

At 05:49 PM 6/29/2006 -0400, Andrew Newton wrote:
>James M. Polk wrote:
>>can this part get into some detail about how some of our IDs seem to be
>>waffling in limbo (namely the Common Policy and Geopriv rules IDs)?
>>Common Policy went to IESG in early May and the authors haven't heard
>>concrete issues, yet the doc still has a DISCUSS on it, and is not progressing.
>Without having consulted the draft tracker, I believe we are holding on
>one issue which is IDN related. I have sent email to an IDN expert asking
>for review of the issue. My hope is that we have it cleared up before the
>IETF meeting.

thank you!!


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