RE: [Sip] RE: [Geopriv] Does Location-Conveyance have an HTTP dereferencemechanism defined

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Date: Wed Aug 02 2006 - 05:13:02 EDT

Hi Ted,

This gets back to what I and others are in disagreement with.

I don't agree with a SIP document specifying a list of approved geopriv
using protocols. I also disagree that a location reference in a
particular form actually indicate the protocol that will be used to do
the de-reference operation. Your own example, in the strawman you
submitted, showed how a http uri could reference a service which
actually applies a geopriv-compliant set of semantics. It's also the
case that it could be used to access a service that wasn't compliant.

Beyond that, if there was going to be a master set of approved
protocols, it would be appropriately maintained as a geopriv document
wouldn't it?

SIP is not going to be the only conveyance protocol that could send a
location reference around. Indeed, it isn't already since the V2
interface protocol defined in the NENA i2 specification is another

It does not make sense from a maintenance perspective, to have to go
around every conveyance protocol definition in the world and update them
each time a new using protocol is defined. That is excessive coupling -
and not good engineering.


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> At 9:03 PM -0400 7/31/06, Andrew Newton wrote:
> >
> >Brian is right. They are not the same issue, atleast they do not
have to
> be.
> >
> >From where I sit, I think the consensus is:
> > - do not constrain the ABNF
> > - HTTP goes in another document
> >
> >Keep in mind, my hat is labeled "GEOPRIV" and this is a SIP document.
> I agree with the "HTTP goes in another document" statement of
> (and the consensus appears to be that HTTP MUST be a using protocol).
> I think "do not constrain the ABNF" is not the right formulation
though; I
> think the consensus is: "limit URI schemes to those approved here or
> subsequent
> documents for this use".
> There are a variety of ways to make the ABNF say the latter, but the
> difference
> is that it will always be a constrained list, but the list will grow
> time.
> I would not be happy with a unconstrained ABNF, as there are lots of
> schemes
> that would not make sense here (tag? info? opaquelocktocken? mid?
> modem?).
> I am wearing no hats here.
> Ted
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