Re: [Geopriv] questions/comments regarding draft-schulzrinne-geopriv-relo

From: Henning Schulzrinne ^lt;>
Date: Sat Aug 12 2006 - 09:12:49 EDT

> In other words, you believe an HTTP Subscribe header could have broader
> use than RELO?

Yes, although I don't necessarily want to make this a major part of the
discussion. It's clearly purely optional functionality that doesn't harm
innocent bystanders.

> I'm not sure about this. We probably just need an opaque string to hold
> any arbitrary key. Either the key is found or it is not. The shape and
> smell of the key are unimportant. Perhaps there could be an optional
> "client-id" attribute. If present, it is used. If not, use the source
> IP address... with the obvious warning that if the contents of the
> client-id attribute is an IP address then this is a possible spoofing
> attempt.

The revised version of the draft defines an id attribute that describes
the format of the opaque string. Something like

<get-location id="CDP">cepsr7-1/17</get-location>

I think that's roughly what you're suggesting, if I understood correctly.


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