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From: James M. Polk ^lt;>
Date: Fri Aug 25 2006 - 18:01:50 EDT

At 04:08 PM 8/25/2006 -0400, Andrew Newton wrote:
>Having reviewed the archives


Which archives did you review?

There were several voices opposed to it, but maybe not on the Geopriv
list. After all, this is a SIP doc...

>on the recent location conveyance discussion, I see that I was the only
>one to raise an objection to the use of a data: URL in the Location header.
>My objection was based on the fact that it would add unnecessary
>complexity. Given some more time to think this through, I believe it adds
>no more complexity than the alternative... even much less complexity than
>the alternatives especially if there is no desire to specify its use with
>XML D-Sig. Of course, the use of this mechanism MUST be restricted
>specifically to emergency scenarios, and only when location is not present
>in the body.
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