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A data: URI enables the following use case: location-by-value inserted by a
Especially for emergency cases, location-by-value is good to have: less
delay (no additional de-reference) and less ways in which things can fail.
Although I'm not particularly keen on the syntax defined for data: URIs, I
think the use case and benefits it enables are worthwhile



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> On Aug 25, 2006, at 6:01 PM, James M. Polk wrote:
>> At 04:08 PM 8/25/2006 -0400, Andrew Newton wrote:
>>> Having reviewed the archives
>> Andy
>> Which archives did you review?
>> There were several voices opposed to it, but maybe not on the Geopriv
>> list. After all, this is a SIP doc...
> I'm well aware of that fact, James. However, there was actually very
> little significant discussion on it besides the exchange between Henning
> and myself (there was a post on the SIP list that never made it to
> GEOPRIV that was in favor). Keep in mind, this was mixed into a long and
> winding thread.
> So, here we have another thread. And it would be easy for those opposed
> (or for) to stand up and be counted (and offer an explanation, too...
> after all, we don't vote in the IETF).
> -andy
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