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I will take this opportunity to provide comments on this piece of work. I plan to post in small chunks, mostly driven by my reading through the document.

1) My first comment is more semantic and is relative to the choice of "Location Configuration Protocol (LCP)" for the generic term to describe L7-based protocols.

This terminology has been used for a specific protocol proposed within this working group creating ambiguity as to what exactly is being referenced.

Why "configuration"? Aren't we talking about protocols performing "Location Acquisition"?

The word "configuration" does not jive IMO, with the 2 roles described in section 1.

Therefore, I would personally prefer "L7 Location Acquisition Protocol".

2) While the document is relatively clear as to what information it intends to provide, it is unclear as to why it exists and for what purposes. Additional text in the Abstract section and/or in the Introduction stating how this document will be utilized would be very helpful.

More to come. Thanks.

Guy Caron

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This message marks the issuance of a working group last call (WGLC)
on GEOPRIV's Internet Draft entitled "GEOPRIV Layer 7 Location
Configuration Protocol; Problem Statement and Requirements" (draft-
ietf-geopriv-l7-lcp-ps-00.txt). You may view this document at http://

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-andy, GEOPRIV co-chair

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