RE: [Geopriv] Location in SIP and "retransmission-allowed"

From: Marc Linsner ^lt;>
Date: Fri May 04 2007 - 11:21:35 EDT

> But the location IS that of a device.

You are assuming that! What device?

> Are you arguing that 4119 is wrong, and we should normatively
> change it, or are you arguing that a routing query does have
> the LI of a device and thus the current language of 4119 permits it?

No, I'm arguing that GeoPriv doesn't care about a LO void of 'entity'. It's
not a 'device' until you tie identity to it.

If you are correct, then LoST needs changing. You are inferring that any LO
must carry "retransmission-allowed" because you assume a device resides at
the location. The LoST query would need "retransmission-allowed" and the
LoST response would need "retransmission-allowed". Doesn't that seem odd to


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