Re: [Geopriv] Location in SIP and "retransmission-allowed"

From: Richard Barnes ^lt;>
Date: Wed May 09 2007 - 11:06:57 EDT

> (1) The URI is a normal SIP destination, which performs no routing. No
> flag of any sort is needed since no proxy is trying to use any location
> information for anything.

That's not necessarily true. As you've said before, the standard way
for a proxy to verify that the R-URI is a PSAP is to use the location in
a LoST query. You can imagine similar situations for non-emergency cases.

> (2) The URI is either a service URN or another URI that needs further
> routing. In that case, any flag is useless since the call will fail
> without it. Thus, the flag or indication offers no additional privacy,
> unless you consider call failure privacy.

In this case, the UAC has explicitly contradicted itself: It has asked
for location-based routing, when it is not willing to allow its location
to be used in that way. It makes sense for such a request to fail
(e.g., with a 485/Ambiguous or a new 48X/Privacy-restricted).

This is the correct behavior in non-emergency cases (such as Ted's use
case), since the user has asked for his location not to be passed
outside the signaling path, as LoST would cause it to be. The UAC can
always retry with different privacy settings.


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