[Geopriv] Draft Updates "GEO TAGS for HTML"

From: Andrew Daviel ^lt;advax@triumf.ca>
Date: Mon Aug 06 2007 - 03:02:21 EDT

(I am "not yet dead" - as per Monty Python ...)

At IETF64, there was some opinion expressed that my HTML tagging draft
might be resubmitted with some tweaks. I subsequently made some changes,
but dropped it - busy at my day job, my webserver died, anti-spam and
mail problems dropped me off the list.

However, I get sporadic inquiries and it seems there is still some
interest in the community. So I would like to try again.

also at http://geotags.com/geo/draft-daviel-kaegi-html-geo-tag-07.html

I have also had some specific interest in reviving my HTTP draft, by a
gentleman who wants to send location information with Internet Explorer
mobile. As I recall, this draft was somewhat further from possible
acceptance by the WG. In view of the interest expressed, I should ask -
what would it take to make the HTTP proposal more acceptable ?
(The last version I have is at
He also refers to a paper from www2004 archived at ACM but otherwise
apparently offline, and some work on "GPSWeb", an unmaintained plugin for
Firefox to add a User-Location header to requests - apparently a similar
concept to my http proposal.

(In my drafts, in particular the HTML syntax intended for manual
creation, I have strenuously tried to keep it simple. I have recently
been trying to write a CalDAV server implementation (RFC 4791,2616,2518)
which convinces me even more that some protocol implementations are too
complex for their own good)

Andrew Daviel, TRIUMF, Canada
(also Vancouver Webpages)
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