RE: [Geopriv] ResponseTime -- when reference is returned

From: Roger Marshall ^lt;>
Date: Tue Aug 28 2007 - 15:46:10 EDT

Keep in mind that if the 'location URI' were returned immediately, there
would be no claim as to whether it was backed up by an actual location
data - rather only an attempt at location fix. On the other hand, if a
server only returns a location URI once the location is successfully
determined, then there is some implied 'quality' to the location URI.
Immediate return of a loc. uri tells you little, the location fix
attempt could have errored out, in which case the loc uri points to an
error, or worse, points to nothing. Of course you could try to
dereference right away - after receiving a fresh loc uri, but you'd
better wait x number of seconds, 'cause these things take time.
-roger marshall.


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        Yes, AGAP for a location URI provides an immediate response.

        The request would be for the reference, not for what the
reference may point to when it is actually dereferenced.






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        I have a related question which I'd like to understand the
answer to before I can agree as to whether default behavior is to
provide ASAP or AGAP.


        If a device asks for AGAP, and the server is set to only provide
LbyR, is the reference sent right away? I assume the server wouldn't
even start trying to figure out a LbyV until something tries to
dereference. Would responseTime have any meaning at all if the server
only returns references in response to HELD queries?





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