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Date: Tue Apr 01 2008 - 17:47:20 EDT

Martin is correct! My mistake as I rushed to complete my response to
that email this morning before a 10 a.m. meeting.

I also don't have that port comment in my queue, but will make that
change in the -06.

Thanks for keeping me honest.


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Two small comments below.

> "
> The following are examples of held:
> URIs:
> held://
> held://
> held://
> held://
> "
> These aren't good examples given that we state in another place that
> the
> URIs should contain a random component. Hence, in the typical case
> will be random.
> I don't understand the first URI example.
> [MB] The first one is an error leftover from the original URI
> definition. "token" should be "query" per comment above. I agree the
> examples could use improvement, adding the random component, which was

> the point of the token in the first one (i.e., something only
> potentially meaningful to the LIS). [/MB]

Mary, given your previous answer that explains what query is and does,
I'm surprised at this response. "query" is the name of the ABNF chunk,
not a string that gets inserted in the response. This can be virtually
anything, see 3986:

      query = *( pchar / "/" / "?" )

That means that the first example is totally valid as are:


On a related note, and I've made this point before and apologies if you
have already answered it, the port should be mandatory since we don't
have a default value. The examples and ABNF need to reflect this.

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