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Date: Tue Jul 15 2008 - 00:22:33 EDT

I have to pick on this statement, because I don't think that Hannes was blunt enough:

> I think we need to standardize the representation of
> error.

*We* already did:


As Hannes pointed out, there is work that relies on this. Geopriv-policy is good now. The solution is simple, which mercifully avoids a dependency on that last draft. Loc-filters needs much more work because the issue is more complex.


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> I'd like to start a discussion on how we deal with, in the big picture,
> the notion of measurement error in general and "confidence" and
> "uncertainty" in specific.
> I am aware that there are a set of views that go roughly like: "there
> really is no such thing as confidence and uncertainty, some vendors are
> pushing this idea because they can't do what 'real' GPS devices do and
> give you a 3 dimensional error in meters".
> Nevertheless, in one of the most commonly encountered location
> determination mechanisms (A-GPS and similar systems), confidence and
> uncertainty are reported, and are the only error indicator available.
> In other systems, notably commercial GPS systems, you get a different
> kind of error specification. Sometimes it's simply error in meters,
> often with a different value for Z than for x and y. Other times you
> get a more complex representation of error.
> It does seem to me that when we convey measured location, that it would
> be appropriate to convey the error of the measurement, and that error
> indication should have the ability to represent confidence and
> uncertainty. I think we need to standardize the representation of
> error. It does occur to me to ask if such standardization would better
> be done in OGC, and Carl may wish to comment. It's also possible for
> the geopriv crowd to come up with something and then OGC to incorporate
> it in a future version of GML.
> If we had a standardized representation of error, then we could also
> use
> that in protocols like HELD to request a location within a specified
> error bound, and we could also have a filter that requested location
> within such a bound. It would of course, be best to specify the XML
> for
> such a bound once.
> I'm specifically proposing that we allow error to be specified one of
> two ways initially: with an actual error measurement, in meters for X,
> Y
> and Z or as a shape (as in our other shape definitions) with an
> "uncertainty" metric in percentage terms. I would add it to GML if we
> could do that, or additional elements in PIDF-LO. I would then
> describe
> an XML data structure to specify a bound, again, either in meters on X,
> Y, and Z or confidence as a shape and uncertainty as a percentage. I'd
> allow the representation of both to be extended for other ways to
> represent error.
> Brian
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