[Geopriv] GEOPRIV and ECRIT experiments at IETF 72

From: Richard Barnes ^lt;rbarnes@bbn.com>
Date: Tue Jul 29 2008 - 13:37:08 EDT

I wanted to let folks know about an experiment that some folks from the
GEOPRIV and ECRIT working groups have been working to set up at IETF 71
to see if we can deliver some basic location-based applications
(including emergency calling), using the IETF network as a platform.

The prinicpal challenge in creating location-based applications is
getting location in the first place. This experiment is getting
location via the IETF network: When you send the location server a
request for your location, it looks up which AP you're connected to and
returns the location of that AP (if it knows it).

Based on this location platform, we've created a few different
applications, including
-- Basic location mapping
-- ECRIT emergency calling
-- Location-enhanced Jabber presence
-- LoST-based discovery of nearby points of interest (e.g., museums)

Much more information is available on the web page we've created at the
following URI:

Please feel free to send email to me if you're interested in
participating or helping out in any way, or if you have any feedback on
the experiment.

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