[Geopriv] Proposed way forward for HELD

From: Mary Barnes ^lt;mary.barnes@nortel.com>
Date: Wed Jul 30 2008 - 05:17:54 EDT

Hi all,

We had some offline discussions last week as to how best address the
sec-dir (and gen-art) concerns on the latest version of HELD. I will be
updating the document sometime next week or early the following week
after I get back from IETF and a quick trip to Seattle. Thus, feedback
within the next week would be optimal. The following summarizes the
proposed way forward:

1. Move URI schema for lbyr into dereference document and describe the
lbyr (locationURI in the protocol) as being anyURI and the dereferencing
of such is out of scope for this document and include an informational
reference to the dereference document as one such mechanism. Note that
this was the suggestion I made on the list in response to "Round 2"
thread discussions. In one sense this reverts the text to what it was
before we added any HELD specific URI schemas at all.

2. Add the URI schema for LIS discovery back into this document.

3. Mandate TLS for HELD, thus we will not be defining either held: or
heldref: URI schemas. (Note: this is also reverting back to where we'd
been in the past).

Note that these are not small changes and will impact quite a few
sections of the doc. But, in the end, things should be much clearer and
cleaner in terms of dependencies.

I will also be addressing a few other issues that have come up during
this IETF LC timeframe:
1. Update the schema to force people to include at least one location
type. (Thanks Martin T.!)
2. Eric Rescorla's most recent feedback based on my responses on the
3. Martin's most recent comments (note some of those points aren't
relevant based on proprosed changes above):


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