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Date: Thu Jul 31 2008 - 09:02:48 EDT

I think this is a difficult work group. People do not compromise early
enough or well enough with each other, and as a result, we have very
contentious discussions both on the list and in the meeting. We are often
attacking people rather than having technical discussions.

At this meeting, when agendas were proposed, there was not much discussion.

In this meeting, the elephant in the room was OBO. We were NOT prepared to
discuss OBO. We did not arrange the agenda in advance to discuss OBO and we
did not have enough of the right people in the room. I think the chair
appropriately handled that situation.

I do think we are reluctant to have difficult discussions, because they tend
to degenerate. I do think we could be more civil to each other. I do think
we could be more cooperative. I think we should have more comments that are
of the form "could we do this instead of that" rather than "the world will
stop spinning if we do that".

We clearly have much more work to do. We have to spend a lot more time with
each other. Clearly, we can muddle through the way we have been doing, or
we can make a greater effort to work together better.

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> After I left the room I had the impression that we did not spend our
> time as well as we could have done it.
> We discuss various documents that have been submitted and some feedback
> is being provided. That's good.
> However, we often avoid the controversial discussions at the meeting and
> drag them from meeting to meeting. This adds delays.
> Is there the impression that we are unable to make any progress during
> the meeting itself?
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