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I'm of a similar opinion. Avoiding the discussion was an effective way of ensuring that the meeting didn't devolve into shouting. However, I don't know how to resolve this without having that discussion, and the associated shouting.

It's entirely possible that if we continue to ignore these issues, that we become irrelevant.

On the unspoken topic, I hope that Ted is able to frame the problem so we can discuss this using new terminology so we don't get hung up on emotive labels.

We need to have this discussion and clear the issue. I don't think that another long list discussion is going to resolve the problem. Maybe your suggestion of conference calls is the right way to progress.


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> After I left the room I had the impression that we did not spend our
> time as well as we could have done it.
> We discuss various documents that have been submitted and some feedback
> is being provided. That's good.
> However, we often avoid the controversial discussions at the meeting
> and
> drag them from meeting to meeting. This adds delays.
> Is there the impression that we are unable to make any progress during
> the meeting itself?
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