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Date: Tue Sep 23 2008 - 19:58:06 EDT

Hi Carl,

Your reference is to an incubator group on emergency information
interoperability. This is distinct from the geolocation working group
that Alex referenced isn't it?

Anyway - I think it's great that W3C are working on this. I would expect
that they are primarily focussed on *conveyance* for web services. We
have plenty of acquisition (LCP) options, there is conveyance for
presence (SIP), but we need all the interested application domains to
have their appropriate conveyance methods. I had expected to see plugins
for common browsers that can link the client's LCP capability into the
web application stream. It will be even nicer if W3C define this as a
standard browser capability.

I suggest our first goal should be to ensure that they adopt PIDF-LO as
the data-type to minimize the risk of unnecessary transcoding.


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James -

Go to to get more info on this W3
activity. Notice the focus on vocabularies.



> Alex
> With respect, do you have information that lead W3C to create this WG?
> An example reason would be that Geopriv isn't accomplishing all that
> W3C wants (in whatever direction).
> I'm looking for if W3C is planning on specifying anything new, that
> is counter (or contradictive) to what Geopriv has done to date, and is
> doing.
> I'm not suggesting Geopriv rules all SDOs, but wondering what the
> intent is by W3C.
> James
> At 11:47 AM 9/23/2008, Alexander Mayrhofer wrote:
>>the W3C has chartered a Geolocation WG recently:
>>"The mission of the Geolocation Working Group, part of the Ubiquitous
>>Web Applications Activity, is to define a secure and privacy-sensitive
>>interface for using client-side location information in location-aware
>>Web applications."
>>the group has already listed the GEOPRIV group as a liason, so please
>>excuse if this is old news.
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