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Date: Wed Sep 24 2008 - 03:32:50 EDT

You have a very good and valid point, Alex.

With Henning & Richard we wanted to extend the scope of the work in to figure
out whether there is something missing out there. Maybe that's a
starting point when it comes to security and privacy specifically
related to the communication models.


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>> With respect, do you have information that lead W3C to
>create this WG?
>no, i just came across that page via a bookmark sharing site -
>no relation at all to the actual WG
>> An example reason would be that Geopriv isn't accomplishing all that
>> W3C wants (in whatever direction).
>> I'm looking for if W3C is planning on specifying anything
>new, that is
>> counter (or contradictive) to what Geopriv has done to date, and is
>> doing.
>> I'm not suggesting Geopriv rules all SDOs, but wondering what the
>> intent is by W3C.
>It seems to me they are looking at conveyance mechanisms for
>location information between user agents (browsers) and web
>applications. Looking at the wide array of plugins and sites
>that are interested in gathering location information, that
>seems a reasonable topic to me, and - ihmo - the GEOPRIV WG
>was never focused on supporting the "Web 2.0" (buzzword, i
>know) crowd. Look at things like
>that's where the buzz currently is, and i think that's the
>niche that the W3C group is aiming at. It seems to me there is
>still a huge gap between those services and the work that
>comes out from the GEOPRIV WG (i don't know of a single
>service that uses PIDF-LO in that space) - so if that W3C
>group can narrow down that gap, it would definitely reduce the
>variety of location conveyance (and provide for interopable
>just my 2c
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