[Geopriv] WGLC: draft-ietf-geopriv-http-location-delivery-09.txt

From: Robert Sparks ^lt;rjsparks@estacado.net>
Date: Thu Sep 25 2008 - 17:21:39 EDT


As most of you know, the resolution of the IETF LC comments on draft-
ietf-geopriv-http-location-delivery resulted in the change of a design
decision this group previously agreed to. Many of you participated in
the discussions leading to that resolution, but we need to make sure
the group as a whole agrees with this change (and capture this
discussion in the record).

Specifically, the protocol in the current version of the document:
uses the http: URI scheme - the heldref schemes have been removed.

We have spent time before discussing using the http: URI scheme or
creating a new one.
My recollection of those conversations were that either path would be
acceptable, each would result in different things we needed to make
sure we covered in the document, and that there was a preference at
the time for making a new scheme.

So, given the change based on IETF LC feedback, in addition to making
sure we're still Ok as a group with using the http: URI scheme, we
need to look and see if we've missed anything we really need to talk
about when we're using that scheme.

This is a 1-week WGLC.

Please review this version of the document and respond to the list
with your comments no later than Friday Oct 3.

If you feel you need more time for this discussion, let me know and I
will extend the deadline.


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