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From: Henderson, Thomas R ^lt;thomas.r.henderson@boeing.com>
Date: Mon Dec 08 2008 - 11:29:37 EST

FYI, the HIP research group (IRTF) is starting to discuss
draft-cao-hip-geolocation on its mailing list. Some details are below.
I'm sending this note to geopriv so that interested people can subscribe
to the HIPRG list, or monitor the web archives, while this is discussed.
I'll also post a summary to geopriv of what the RG decides to do with
this draft. If the RG decides to do anything further with this draft,
we will coordinate it with the geopriv working group.

The research group mailing list is at:

Web archives are at:

- Tom

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Subject: discussion of draft-cao-hip-geolocation-01

As we discussed in Minneapolis, the authors of draft-cao-hip-geolocation
(Delivering Geographic Location in HIP) have asked both for feedback
from the RG on their proposal and for whether the RG is interested in
taking the draft as a RG work item. The draft is located at:

There was a good bit of discussion at the meeting, summarized in the
meeting minutes:

To summarize, the draft proposes that HIP provide a service that carries
geolocation information between hosts. In the RG meeting, there was
some support expressed for the basic concept. There were also some
concerns expressed about privacy, about whether HIP is the right layer
to provide this information, and about defining the use cases in more

Please comment or ask questions about the technical details, and comment
on whether you think the RG should adopt this work item (by adopting it,
it would mean that more people than the initial authors would need to
get involved in progressing it further).

- Tom

p.s. I will forward this message to the GEOPRIV mailing list, so that
interested parties can subscribe and discuss here (to avoid
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