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#35: IANA Considerations
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 In -09, material relating to IANA considerations is included in sections
 other than IANA Considerations section. In order to make it more likely
 that IANA will correctly interpret the guidance, it is advisable to
 consolidate guidance relating to parameter allocation into the IANA
 Considerations section.

 Proposed text:

 4. IANA Considerations

    IANA has assigned a DHCPv4 option code of 123 for the GeoConf option
    defined in this document. Assignment of a DHCPv6 option code is

    The GeoConf Option defines two fields for which IANA maintains a
    registry: The Altitude Type (AT) field and the Datum field (see
    Section 2). The datum indicator MUST include specification of both
    horizontal and vertical datum. New values for the Altitude Type (AT)
    and Datum fields are assigned through "Standards Action" [RFC5226].
    New Altitude Types and datums MUST define the way that the 30 bit
    value and the associated 6 bit uncertainty are interpreted. The
    initial values of the Altitude registry are as follows:

    AT = 1 meters of altitude defined by the vertical datum specified.

    AT = 2 building floors of altitude.

    Datum = 1 denotes the vertical datum WGS 84 as defined by the EPSG as
            their CRS Code 4327; CRS Code 4327 also specifies WGS 84 as
            the vertical datum

    Datum = 2 denotes the vertical datum NAD83 as defined by the EPSG as
            their CRS Code 4269; North American Vertical Datum of 1988
            (NAVD88) is the associated vertical datum for NAD83

    Datum = 3 denotes the vertical datum NAD83 as defined by the EPSG as
            their CRS Code 4269; Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) is the
            associated vertical datum for NAD83

    This document defines the Ver field for the DHCPv4 and DHCPv6
    options. New values for the Ver field are assigned through
    "Standards Action" [RFC5226]. Initial values are as follows:

    0: DHCPv4 Implementations conforming to [RFC3825]
    1: Implementations of this specification (for both DHCPv4 and DHCPv6)

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