[Geopriv] draft-ietf-geopriv-policy-26.txt - Beyond here and now

From: Currer Bell ^lt;currer.anon.bell@gmail.com>
Date: Wed Jun 06 2012 - 19:48:42 EDT

Is there an IETF plan to future-proof geopriv policy’s scope?

Please consider the following examples - these reside outside a needed
geopriv scope:

Circa 2001, NNTP content is stripped of ‘closed-context’ newsgroup specific
discussion premise. Content is converted to HTML and becomes overly and
overtly indexed. Legacy NNTP access and search constructs become
irrelevant. Now a ~1994 NNTP discussion within talk.abortion has search
engine indexing not only specific NNTP newsgroup context, but my identity /
location (by virtue of NNTP auth (name.surname@domain.com) & date/time
stamped IP address. How does the policy address this type of actuality for
legacy, current, and future application protocols / content / content

In 2003, I modestly contributed to an IETF anti-spam WG. While I embrace
IETF views on IPR within BPC 78 & 79, there is literally NO option or means
by which to make previous IETF contributions closer to “web
anonymous”. Someone
looks up my name, and search engine effectively headlines my
Firstname.Lastname@domain.com profile as highly spam related, including 7
indexed results, all in some way related to a single 2003 IETF anti-spam WG

Many regret how their name/image escapes specific application
config/preferences contextual protocol, to become widely visible on the
Internet. Gaining ready access to publishers & re-publishers, willing to
retract / delete / modify sensitive personal information or views is less
than a standardized protocol – most often by design. While I can place my
name behind most everything I state, I elect to opt out until consideration
for privacy re-gains critically lost constitution.


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